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About Us

Our Story

Royce Minute, backed by the esteemed leadership of Grand Century Biological Technology Co Ltd, draws inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of ancient Athens. Our geometric logo mirrors sophistication and the high-end lifestyle our customers seek. Symbolising infinite pleasure, our clock icon captures the essence of a short break with Royce Minute, transcending into enduring experiences. The round shape signifies our brand’s commitment to infinite possibilities and innovation, making life complete with Royce Minute.

Our story is one of continuous exploration, pushing the boundaries to create vapes that deliver a seamless blend of style and substance and foster a sense of connection. We believe in the power of shared moments, and each puff from a Royce Minute vape is an invitation to forge new connections and celebrate the unity that comes from enjoying life’s pleasures together.

We Care For The Communities

  • Since its establishment, Grand Century Biological Technology Co Ltd has expanded its global footprint from Asia to Europe and North America.
  • From developing global marketing & PR teams to diversifying sales & distribution channels, Royce Minute has laid the foundation to increase its market share among the international vaping markets.
  • Since being established, the Group has demonstrated its commitment to protecting youth and minors from vaping products through the “Grand City Program (Preventing Underage Use)”.
  • Royce Minute team continuously monitors and works closely with all distribution partners to ensure no vaping products are promoted or sold to minors.

Setting the gold standard:
elevating safety measures in our vape products

Top-notch Safety Standard

100% raw materials passing strict food safety requirements

Supply Chain Management

Stringent, end-to-end supplier quality management system

Customer-centric Design

Craftsmanship and customer-centric values deeply rooted in Royce Minute’s corporate culture

Where We Operate

Our Headquarters

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