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Product Information

One potential reason is that your device is out of battery. You may charge your device and retry. If the situation remains, it may be related to the magnetic contact issue. Please contact Royce Minute for technical support.

Connect the USB cable to a power source or your computer.

It normally takes 45 minutes for a full recharge.

No, please carefully protect and keep the product away from water for the best performance.

Product Shipping

We can distribute our products to most of the countries around the world.

The shipping methods vary depending on the order address. We normally ship our products by air or sea freight.

Under normal circumstances, it takes about 3-5 business days for retail customers and 7-14 business days for wholesalers. However, the delivery time may be extended depending on external factors like weather, Covid, etc.

Please feel free to contact our official customer service by emailing [email protected]. Pictures and/or videos may be required when contacting customer service for easier follow-up.

Before the package is shipped, you can contact our customer service to help you arrange order cancellation. Once it is shipped, the order can’t be cancelled.

We strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Local ordinances could have limitations in shipping products to certain areas. The delivery options and threshold for free shipping available can vary depending on the delivery address.

Below is a summary table for delivery options:

Northern Hemisphere countries 
Delivery time: 5-9 business days*
Threshold for free shipping: US $88
Delivery fee: US $9.99

Southern hemisphere countries
Delivery time: 5-9 business days*
Threshold for free shipping: US $150
Delivery fee: US $24.99

*Business days refer to any day except Saturday, Sunday, or any federal legal holiday in countries where warehouses are located.
*Orders to Fiji, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland are subject to the customer’s tax.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Payment Methods

We support payment via credit cards (Mastercard/Visa). If you encounter any problem related to online payment, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]

We value the privacy of each customer. Rest assured that we do not collect or store your payment information.