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Platinum Device – Platinum Cobalt


Sleek, sophisticated, and designed for optimal performance, these devices blend style with substance seamlessly.

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Royce Minute Platinum pods are durable and reliable, crafted from PCTG materials. While designed for a lifetime of use, we recommend an annual device replacement for peak performance. With a 420mAh battery, a quick 45-minute recharge ensures minimal downtime. Puff duration varies per RELX pod. For freshness, complete your pod within seven days of opening.

Expect your order to arrive within 3-5 business days for retail customers and 7-14 business days for wholesalers under regular conditions. Please be aware that external factors like weather and Covid may influence delivery times. 

For any assistance and returns, contact our dedicated customer service at [email protected]. Please provide pictures or videos that will facilitate a smoother follow-up process.

Bringing People Together, Creating unity through shared moments.

Royce Minute Vapes are more than just devices. They are the source of connection and shared experiences. Our vapes aim to unite people, encouraging unity through the simple joy of shared moments. Whether savouring a new flavour or enjoying a break with friends, our vapes go beyond the ordinary to create a sense of togetherness. Join us in celebrating the power of shared moments and the unity of enjoying life’s pleasures with Royce Minute Vapes.

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